My name is Albert and I am an astrology geek, an addict and a freak about planets and their influences.

Some time ago I thought I was dying and decided to start living, that’s when I discovered this exciting world. I was born in January 1976 and since then life has taken me down different paths. In one of the last ones, just when everything was uphill, I decided to create a place where I could share my passion and bring astrology closer to people. Thus came Astrologeek. To start and give a tangible shape to the project, we looked for the perfect place to make ourselves known: Ibiza. During the month of August 2021 we were presenting the experience in an astrological corner, in the mythical flea market of Las Dalias, surrounded by a heterogeneous public and tremendously interested in the originality of the project. We lived and enjoyed the experience every day and our Astrologeek corner was a dream come true. Today we can say that we are not only in Ibiza, but everywhere, thanks to the vastness of the Internet. We present you In this digital corner on astrology you have the possibility of giving yourself or your loved ones a different astrological experience. You can obtain the reading of your birth chart, not only in its traditional written explanation, but also in the form of a T-shirt. In addition, all the products include an exclusive QR code so that you have the information accessible on your mobile. We hope you enjoy the experience and share it on social media to help us grow. Without further ado, we thank you for your trust.

Albert F. C.

What is the ASTROLOGEEK EXPERIENCE all about?

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